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CAPMAS is an independent agency affiliated to the Ministry of Planning and Local Development. CAPMAS is the sole entity with the legal and official mandate for collecting, processing, analysing and disseminating data and producing statistics. It also conducts the national census. CAPMAS provides periodic reports to many government bodies to support the planning and formation of policy and decision making.


The institutional twinning project between CAPMAS and Statistics Denmark has an overall objective of applying best EU practice to support the development of official statistics through the reform of the law(s) governing statistics, to produce and disseminate high quality statistics in Egypt and define the organisational changes needed at CAPMAS to allow it to function as the Egyptian Office of National Statistics.


The planned outcomes of the project are:

- the drafting of statistical laws and clarifying the role of CAPMAS as the national statistical authority
- building up the organisational capacity of CAPMAS to produce, publish and disseminate high quality statistics
- increasing the statistical awareness of specialists and researchers
- improving statistics based on scientific principles meeting national and European standards and the IT functions used to produce and demonstrate output.


The project activities are grouped into the following main components:
1. Support to the development of a statistical policy
2. Improving statistical legislation
3. Organisational reform
4. Increased statistical awareness
5. Improvement of the IT function
6. Improvement of national accounts
7. Compilation of foreign trade statistics, consumer price index (CPI) and producer price index (PPI) to international standards
8. Compilation of statistical business registry system and use of administrative data sources


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