Support to the Association Agreement Programme The Egyptian Organization for Standardization (EOS) - Ministry of Trade and Industry
  1. Project Title: Support the Egyptian quality and regulatory environment in line with international best practice (EOS – Egyptian Organization for Standardization).
  2. Partner: N/A
  3. Legal Duration: 27 months
  4. Budget: € 1,400,000

Consortium consists of : 

Lead partner: France: Expertise France with the undertaking of AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation)

Junior partner UK : British Standards Institution (BSI)

Junior partner Spain : Asociación Española de Normalización (AENOR)

The three components of the project are as follows:

Component 1: The Standardization Department

Component 2: The Certification and Conformity Assessment Department

Component 3: the Institutional Capacity,overall horizontal support aspects (the main point is the Content Management System which is often in the Information Management Department)

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