Support to the Association Agreement Programme


 The Egyptian Tourist Authority (ETA) is an autonomous public sector body, operating under the supervision of the Minister of Tourism. It was established in 1981 to:
• increase international tourism to Egypt
• promote the image of Ancient Egyptian civilisation, modern Egypt and specific tourism products
• tackle the many problems facing the development of tourism
• encourage domestic tourism
• raise awareness of the tourism industry


The project between the ETA and Austrian Agency for Economic Development (AED) was the first institutional twinning project initiated by the Support to the Association Agreement Programme (SAAP). Its overall objective was to contribute to the sustained growth of the tourism sector in Egypt as well as maximising the sector's contribution to economic development and job creation. 


The project sought to achieve a number of tangible results, ranging from the modernisation of the ETA's management practices and streamlining the organisational structure to the introduction of international and EU marketing techniques and developing the skills and competencies of key ETA staff members to help them carry out their duties to international standards, particularly in the fields of marketing operations, research and planning, IT and human resource development. 


The project activities were grouped into the following six main components:

1. Marketing planning
2. Marketing operations
3. Information Technology
4. Organisational design 
5. Human resource development
6. Training

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